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For kids



Kids, as choco-maniacs as grown-ups, have a special place in our Museum.

Besides dedicated children workshops (for 6+), an educational booklet and a treasure hunt is available for children…

2 different ways to discover the history of chocolate!

For the treasure hunt, children receive 8 stickers to place in the matching boxes at the end of the booklet, depending on the different steps in the museum and the displays with PLAYMOBIL® characters. Their mission : find the clues in each display. When the game is completed, our little explorer will get a reward!

For those who wish to know more about history of chocolate, the second part of the booklet is a large quizz that covers all explanations that are to be found in the museum!


Have a Birthday Party (for 6+)

A Birthday Party at the chocolate museum?

1. Invite your friends to take part to a workshop
2. Meet on D-day to have fun
3. Make your own chocolates with all your friends
4. We decorate the bithday cake
And then it’s gifts and snack time!

You can visit the museum before or after the workshop.
Package for 10 children and 2 accompanying adults : 350€ (25€ / each child added)


DIY WORKSHOPS Make your own chocolates

The Chocolate Museum schedules regular workshops for children and adults where they can work with chocolate and make their own sweets with a chocolate maker. All participants bring back home the chocolates they made. Up to them to offer the chocolates or to eat them with their family. These workshops are available to children (minimum 6 years old) and are dedicated to children age and skills!

FAMILY WORKSHOP (for 6+ years old)

A unique price for children and their parents, no age limitation. The family members help each other to draw with chocolate, make your own mendiants and chocolate lolypops, and they can bring all of it at home. These workshops are designed as a children or themed workshop.
Booking is there: Billetterie
Prices starting at 27,50 € / pers. including free tour of the Museum

THEMED (for 6+ years old)

Depending on the seasons, the Chocolate Museum is setting up special workshops : Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Advent Calendar, Christmas,...
Booking is there: Billetterie
Prices starting at 35 € / pers. including free tour of the Museum

PLAYFUL WORKSHOP (for 14+ years old)

60 to 90 minutes, during these playful workshop you will learn to work the chocolate matter. After an introduction to tempering the chocolate (reaching the right temperature), the chocolate maker will guide you through your creations : orange and citrus stripes, marshmallows, praliné sweets and mendiants.
Booking is there: Billetterie
Also available for groups. RéSERVATION
40 € / pers. including the free tour of the Museum

TECHNICAL WORKSHOP (à partir de 14 ans)

How to be a professionnal? During this workshop, the chocolate maker will explain how to temper chocolate (reaching the right temperature) and how to prepare the filling, praliné. You will also learn how to correctly mould, fill and finalize your chocolates...
Only available for groups. RéSERVATION
40 € / pers. including the free tour of the Museum




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