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Rules for schools

We love children. We happily help young people to learn new topics. But once, we were young too. A school class is sometimes more nervous than in school. The museum is not only filled with valuable items, there are others visitors too.

For this reason, we ask you to sign a rules guide for groups with your reservation and when you arrive at the museum.

School conditions

Groups with children from 3 years old have to pay an admission fee (see our group rates).

Important ! To provide the best service to all our customers, groups with children under 6 can only come during the morning.

There is 1 free accompanying adult for each 10 students. All extra adults will have to pay an entrance fee, with the reduced rate.

The visit is a self guided tour.

Educational booklet (for the tour)

These booklets are available for 6+ children.

This booklet will provide you with a quizz for all students that will discover the history of chocolate, with quite some fun.


CE & Collectivités Book a workshop Book a tour

Specific for french companies


Tour Operators Book a workshop Book a tour


The museum has a capacity to receive groups up to 100 pax at the same time for unguided tours. For higher groups, it’s required to have a 15 minutes delay for 30 more people. However, it is necessary to check availability before your visit (booking is required).

Visit of the museum

The visit of the museum lasts about 90 min, with boards in French, English and Spanish. It’s possible to rent an audioguide for 3 euros / person (available in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Dutch). The price of the visit includes a virtual demonstration and a tasting of chocolates.


We can also organize special packages for your customers with extra goodies:
– an authentic hot chocolate drink to enjoy in all seasons (5 recipes)
– a 500 gr bag of chocolates to choose from more than 10 different varieties


We offer special rates for Tour Operators. These rates can be obtained upon request by phone: 00.33.(0) or by email :